Quality Policy

O’Mahony Contractors Ltd., (OMC), is a building and civil engineering construction company.  Due to the nature of the company’s activities, OMC places particular emphasis on the experience and proficiency of its personnel and the quality and safety of its operations.  The company enjoys a number of long-term, strategic relationships with key industry Clients.

We are committed to providing a service that achieves our customer’s requirements and exceeds their expectations, is commercially rewarding to all parties, leads to long term relationships with repeat business from satisfied customers and partners and is continually improved by feedback, review and analysis.

To achieve these objectives, we will:

  • Implement our Quality Management System in compliance with ISO 9001:2008 (and its registration by a UKAS Accredited registration body) and the provision of adequate resources for its achievement and maintenance;
  • Set objectives, at each relevant function and level of the Company and review and update these regularly to ensure continuing effectiveness and progress;
  • Provide effective leadership and investment in, and involvement of, all our personnel to ensure that they can develop within the Division and contribute fully to achieving our objectives;
  • Have a systematic approach to management, with effective decision making to ensure compliance with our contractual & regulatory obligations, to achieve customer satisfaction, to promote co-operation with our customers, and to effect continual improvement to our Quality Management System;
  • Encourage a mutually beneficial ‘partnering’ approach with our material and service suppliers;
  • Communicate this policy and Division’s objectives to all personnel.

This policy is fully endorsed by the Directors and will be made publicly available. It will be periodically reviewed to ensure that it remains effective and realises the company’s objectives.


G.  O’Mahony

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Date: 31/05/2015 Revision 5