Equal Opportunities Policy

The following is a statement of the requirements of the law and company policy with regard to equal opportunity in employment matters.

Equal opportunity is incorporated in the following Acts: Race Relations Act 1976; Sex Discrimination Act 1975.

It is illegal to discriminate on grounds of race, colour, ethnic or national origin, religion or sex in any of the following:  job advertisements; selection; access to opportunities for promotion, transfer and training, salary or to any other benefits, facilities or services.  The law is supplemented by Codes of Practice on Equality of Opportunity and Race Relations.  Whilst these are not legally binding, any claim of discrimination, which is taken by an employee to an Industrial Tribunal, will be considered in the light of the recommendations contained in those Codes.

It is Company policy to implement actively the provisions of the law and the Codes of practice, i.e. not to discriminate, and to provide equal opportunities to all employees irrespective of race, colour, sex, religion, or disability.  All employees, whether or not in positions of managerial responsibility have an obligation to assist the Company in effectively carrying out this policy.  Disciplinary action will be taken wherever it is found that an employee is deliberately discriminating, or influencing others to discriminate, directly or indirectly, against a person in connection with matters covered by the relevant legislation and Codes of Practice.

Guidance on all aspects of the law and associated Codes of Practice can be obtained from a Director. The Directors have a particular responsibility for ensuring that all employees under their control are aware of their responsibilities.


G.  O’Mahony

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Date: 28/02/2014 – Rev 1