Environmental Policy

O’MAHONY CONTRACTORS is committed to providing services to its clients, which minimise the impact to the environment where possible and protects the environment where aspects of the work activities are environmentally significant.

The operations will be controlled to ensure that pollution is prevented, and that all relevant safety and environment legislation is adhered to, during the provision of the client service.

In order to understand the effect of the Company’s operations they will be continually reviewed so that environmental objectives and targets can be set to measure performance in achieving continual environmental performance.

The senior management of the Company will review, at least annually, the environmental record of the organisation as part of the implementation of an integrated management system.

Employees, sub-contractors and suppliers will be made aware of the Company’s environmental system relevant to their role in the operation.

This policy will be reviewed as a function of the management system, and will be available upon request.




Revision Info: 
Date: 31/05/2015 – Rev 1