Alcohol & Drugs Use Policy

O’MAHONY CONTRACTORS is committed to maintaining safe places of work.  It is recognised that alcohol or drug abuse by any employee or contractor may expose others as well as the abuser to unacceptable risk.  It is also recognised that because of the hazardous nature of our activities such behaviour constitutes particularly serious risks.

Although each case will be considered in detail, the following actions will usually be regarded as gross misconduct, liable to disciplinary action, which can include summary dismissal:

  • The use, possession, distribution or sale of alcoholic beverages without prior consent of a Director.
  • The use, possession, distribution or sale of illicit or unprescribed controlled drugs.
  • The misuse of prescribed drugs.
  • Being unfit to perform your duties through alcohol or drug misuse.  Any individual judged by management to be in this condition will be removed immediately.

In order to assist in the operation of this policy the following will be conditions of employment:

  • The company may conduct searches for alcohol or drugs at any time.
  • Employees may be tested for alcohol and/or drugs either as a routine or following an accident or incident.
  • Refusing alcohol or drugs testing will usually be treated as gross misconduct.
  • It is the duty of all employees to report any alcohol or drug dependency or the use of prescribed controlled drugs.
  • Any employee who feels that they may be having difficulties with use or abuse of alcohol or drugs should bring this to the attention of their manager.

All subcontractors and suppliers must adopt the details of this Policy or demonstrate that they have equivalent rules and procedures.

If the LUL Alcohol and Drugs Use Policy have additional or higher standards, then O’MAHONY CONTRACTORS will adhere to those standards and comply with all requirements.

O’MAHONY CONTRACTORS will also ensure that all subcontractors and suppliers adopt the procedures of LUL’s policy.

Notification to Employees

This policy statement, together with those documents that supplement it, shall be brought to the notice of all employees.  Any amendments, which stem from periodical reviews, shall be similarly notified.

G.  O’Mahony

Revision Info: 
Date: 31/05/2015 – Revision 1